Bodywork and Paint Jobs For Your Car: A Guide

2 Reasons To Use An Auto Detailing Service If You Plan To Sell Your Vehicle

Here are two reasons to use an auto detailing service if you plan to sell your vehicle.

To ensure potential buyers who test drive the vehicle aren't put off or distracted by the messiness of its interior

When a person who's interested in your vehicle evaluates it, they'll usually expect to take it out for a test drive. This is a crucial part of the vehicle evaluation process. If your vehicle's interior is very messy, having an auto-body shop carry out some auto detailing work on it could ensure that any test drives that potential buyers take in it will not be spoiled by the interior's lack of tidiness or cleanliness.

If for example, you have been in the habit of eating snacks and drinking coffee in your vehicle, and as a result of this, many foods and cups of coffee have been spilt on its upholstery over the years, there may be an odour in the vehicle that those who test drive it might find distracting. If they're so focused on the strong and unpleasant smell of stale food and drink in the vehicle, they might not notice the positive aspects of their driving experience (such as its smooth transmission or its excellent power steering) and might, therefore, not buy it. Similarly, if you rarely clean your vehicle thoroughly, and the person test driving it finds, for example, a chewed-up piece of gum or a collection of crumbs on the driver's seat, this could be very off-putting and might make them assume that you not only don't clean your vehicle but don't take care of its other most important parts (like the engine, brakes, etc.) either.

Fortunately, no matter how messy your vehicle is, you can prevent these issues from spoiling any test drives by using an auto detailing service. During this process, every inch of your vehicle's body and its interior will be cleaned and (where appropriate) polished, buffed and sanitised to the point where there will be almost no trace of any odours or stains left in the vehicle.

To give your vehicle a new vehicle look and smell

Whilst many people choose to make the sensible financial decision to buy secondhand vehicles instead of new ones, this does not mean that they don't appreciate or want to drive and own a new vehicle. With this in mind, it's worth doing everything you can to add that 'new vehicle' look and scent to your own vehicle because if a potential buyer is looking at several similar models within a certain price range and your vehicle is the same age and of the same standard as these, but it looks newer, the buyer might be more likely to buy yours.

Using an auto body shop's auto detailing service is an effective way to help your car look and smell new. Whilst cleaning your car yourself might improve its odour and appearance, you won't be able to give your car that new look yourself. An auto body shop that provides this service will have specialist tools, as well as several highly-trained employees who are exceptionally detail-orientated, who can not only clean and tidy it to an incredibly high standard but who can also polish away imperfections like scuff marks and light, small scratches that would otherwise give the car a used and old appearance.

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